Thread-safe offers multiple services to get your company up to speed with Rust. We can help evaluate whether Rust suits your use case, work together within a team on Rust projects, and train your developers in Rust’s best practices.

Rust evaluation and prototyping

Given the novelty of Rust, it may be difficult to know beforehand whether the language is suitable for a given project. To reduce this risk, we can help you evaluate the problem, identify its main characteristics and implement prototypes in Rust.

Project advice

With our experience of Rust tools, libraries and idioms, we can help you get your projects on the right track from the start. By working together with your development team, we can ensure you pick the libraries that are suitable for your use case, write idiomatic Rust code and leverage the features of the language.


We offer training tailored to the experience level and programming background of your team. Besides teaching the language itself, we can explain the discussions and trade-offs that have led to today’s Rust, which we have witnessed first-hand by participating in the development of the language.


Interested in working together? Contact us at this address. We would love to work with you.